Lateral Loads

Lateral Loads Calculator Program

Ogren Engineering offers a program where home designers and architects can use our software to do the lateral calculations for their one and two family dwelling projects.

For projects located in states where we are licensed, home designers and architects can apply to join our Lateral Calculator Program where you will receive a copy of our software (currently written in Excel) that will allow you to perform a lateral design for your building, then email the document to Ogren Engineering for review and we will send back stamped lateral calculations package for your project. This works similarly to how wood trusses are designed and engineered, where an employee at a lumber yard does the design work using the truss plate manufacturer's software, then the lumber yard receives back a stamped set of calculations for the trusses they design for your project.

See A Demonstration of How It Works!

Advantages and Benefits to Using Ogren Engineering Lateral Calculator Program

There are several advantages for a home designers and architects to use the Lateral Loads Calculator by Ogren Engineering.

  1. You will know what the engineer will require for shearwalls and holdowns because YOU will be doing the design.
  2. You can keep your workflow going while you are designing your project and not have to get back into it to make modifications based on what comes back from the engineer. 
  3. You can play around with "what-if" scenarios to figure out what the best design is for your project.
  4. No more guessing if your project will be approved under the "Prescriptive Path". You are providing engineering and won't have to deal with delays because the plan reviewer asks for engineering. This will save your clients time and money.
  5. You will have an advantage over your competition because you will provide a better designed structure.

Program Requirements

There are a few requirements home designers and architects must meet to be accepted into the Lateral Calculator Program.

  1. You must have a current version of Microsoft Excel. Not all of the functions that are used in the calculator will work in older versions of Excel.
  2. You must allow Ogren Engineering (and the spreadsheet author) to allow macros to run on your computer. The calculator uses Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros and the calculator will not function without the macros being able to run.
  3. You must submit at least five (5) projects per year. If you do not submit the minimum number of projects in a given year, you are subject to being removed from the program.
  4. Invoices MUST be paid within 7 days. If you have any invoices more than seven (7) days old, no new projects will be stamped until all of your billing is fully paid.